About Us

iWebSnacks is a tech guide that reviews motherboards. We review the best and worst gaming rigs to help you understand which build is right for your PC.

iWebSnacks endeavors to be the most believed Tech Reviews platform. We fanatically test and report on many things every year to suggest the best of everything. We will likely save you time and dispose of the pressure of shopping, regardless of whether you’re searching for regular stuff or presents for friends and family. We work with complete publication freedom. That amounts to nothing showing up on the site as a suggestion except if our scholars and editors have considered it the best through our thorough detailing and testing.

Our Mission

Our interaction is frequently interesting and fun (envision making an impediment course for robot vacuums, say, or setting a room on fire to test flame-resistant safes). Furthermore, we apply our persevering methodology and powerful examination abilities to in excess of 1,000 item classes, including Motherboard, CPUs, GPU, Graphic Cards, RAMs, Thermal Paste, etc. In all that we do, we attempt to make tracking down the best stuff and understanding what stuff does not merit purchasing speedy, simple, and straightforward, so you can continue ahead with carrying on with your life.

These are simply exactly the same things we pick and prescribe to our loved ones. In the event that we suggest that you spend your well-deserved cash on something, we treat it as appropriately as though our own cash were on the line.


let us know whether you need counsel in sorting out a specific shopping challenge. Our team made of brilliant and interested individuals who love to examine and peruse questions will give a valiant effort to help.

You can reach us at: info@iwebsnacks.com