10 Best upcoming PSVR games

Since we all know that the gaming community rose a lot during the pandemic, and, interestingly, it’s still growing. Meantime, Some great PSVR games have also been made. However, in this article, we will talk about the ten best upcoming PSVR games of 2022.

Playstation is now becoming common because of its popularity, featured games, and compatibility. Maybe, you don’t know that VR games are now specifically being made for PlayStation, which sounds pretty unique.

Every year, PSVR gaming companies either put effort into updating their existing games or making new ones. While if you are fascinated person to know the upcoming games and bored from the old ones, then you must know the upcoming PSVR games of this week.

Some of the games are still based on previous theories. Some of them are new. Furthermore, some of them are made for children. Some of the games are full of blood, explicit violent images, and gore which we highly recommend not to play if you are 17 below!

We have gathered descriptive data of those games and categorized them, so you can better know about them and then choose the best one for you!

List of 10 Best upcoming PSVR games

Following are some best upcoming PSVR games which you should buy and play:

After The Fall:

After The Fall – State of Play Trailer | PS VR

After The Fall is a PS4 compatible VR game based on likely shooting and mind games; one most essential and cautious thing is that you should know that After The Fall may not be appropriate for children as there are violent images while shooting out zombies and monsters.

The game depends upon a story that the attack of zombies is started after the cold war. The story is not true; however, the graphics and effects used in the game seem realistic and may not be appropriate for some people unless you are a fan of VR shooting games.

The game developers, Vertigo Games, also made it available for windows as it is known in PS4. Its genre is based on shooting games with some fascinating adventures. You may think that it’s realistic while playing the game due to its graphics.

Hence, if you love shooting, adventure, and FPS games, you should go for this game.


Wanderer – Game Reveal Trailer – PS VR

Understanding the logic behind the Wanderer is very tricky; however, it catches a lot of people’s attention just after the trailer. Moreover, you can see its historical graphics when it shows the new world transforming into the old world or where we evolve logically and attract people to play it. However, these types of games do not gain users’ attention too much!

This game is also not appropriate for children because it also has some violent objects. Nevertheless, it is not much fierce as the After The Fall game. One thing to ponder is that it has extreme graphics, which means you will see real stuff on the game. These are not realistic, but it seems that the objects and motions are accurate, which is pretty impressive.

If we talk about the genre, so it is based on time travel and history genre, which is tedious for some gamers, and some gamers like it a lot. Thus, If you love time travel VR games, so you may play this VR game.


Fracked – Full Gameplay Reveal – PS VR

Fracked is based on the same theory that we were playing for many years. Nevertheless, it has a tremendous realistic effect along with some excellent sniper shots effect. Vicinity of the game is a factory, and it is cold weather.

A helicopter will reach to rescue you, but the enemies will fire the aircraft and force it to move. Then, the game starts with a cool intro like that. Overall, we can say that it is a good game if you love fighting and shooting.

After seeing it, everyone is confused about setting up the controllers as there are too many things to do. Furthermore, if we talk about the response of the VR gamers, then overall, it is competitive to other VR shooting games.

This game is also not suitable for children due to gore and violence. The genre of this game is based on shooting and FPS games, so if you wanna play shooting VR games having this story, you should buy it.

Arashi: Castles of Sin

Arashi Castles of Sin – Official Announcement Trailer

Finally, Castles of Sin is a game based on a new story of the era. This game has a story that you have to get out from the castle, and there is also a pet wolf for your help. You will have a gun, sword, arrows, and a lot of stuff to make the enemy down.

The game is made in Japan, and the area you will see in the game also looks like Japan castle. The developers of this game also put some history by it.

Castles of Sin VR does not seem realistic; however, the story behind the game is interesting as it catches everyones’ eye after the trailer.

This game is also not suitable for children. So, if any of you are under 17, then you should not play this game. The genre of this game is based on shooting and FPS games, but because of a unique story, it seems interesting.

This game is compatible with Play Station 4, and you can easily buy it if you want to try this new game.

Puzzling Places:

Puzzling Places – Announcement Trailer | PS VR

For people who like puzzles and brain-solving games instead of shooting games, so you should check Puzzling Places one. It is also compatible with play station 4, and you can easily play this VR game. The story behind the game is also fascinating.

Every time we hear the word puzzle, we think it is about solving either 2D or 3D image puzzle. However, this time, you will have to solve the puzzle to make a home. There will be several parts of houses, and you need to bring them up to either make a colony or a home.

The graphics of this game is also good, but it does not seem realistic, which is a drawback of this game.

Finally, children can also play this game because there are no blood, gore, and weapons. Therefore, parents also allow their children to play this VR game as it is also suitable for mental health.

As we discussed, the genre is based on puzzles and brain-solving games, so if you love consuming your brain in your spare time, you should continue to buy it!

Puzzling Bobble:

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey – Announce Trailer | PS5, PS4, PS VR

For people who like puzzles and brain-solving games instead of shooting games, so you should check Puzzle Bobble at once. This game is totally made for children, and elder ones may find it boring. You may have played the game ‘Bubble Shooter’. Bubble Shooter is a 2d game. However, this bubble shooting game is 3d and based on VR.

In this game, you have to throw colorful balls into a 3d cube shape box having colorful balls. If the same color ball collides with the same color, so it will be solved one step. Although the method is too old, but the 3d Puzzling idea is quite unique.

Therefore, if you are looking for VR games for your kids, you should choose this as it has not had blood effects, weapons, and gore. This game is mind-solving, too but only for children.

As we mentioned earlier that the genre of the game is puzzle solving and mind-mapping, so you should look for this game for your kids.

Songs in the smoke:

Song in the Smoke – Announce Trailer | PS VR

For people who like shooting and fighting games are going to love this game because it contains all features which are suitable for VR. Moreover, the game background voice sounds horror which is pretty different as there is nothing horror in the game.

In this game, there are several wild animals, and you have to kill them in order to survive. It does not sound good, but people gave a lot of mixed responses when its trailer was released. We also hope that many people are going to buy it just after release time.

Graphics of the game is also on the next level. You may feel very extreme pictures while playing; however, the cartoon character of animals does not make the game realistic. Overall, it can be a good choice.

This game is not suitable for children; thus, the parent should not allow their children to play this game which is full of gore, blood, violence, and weapons. According to play station, people above 17 can play this game.

The genre of this game is shooting, fighting, and thriller. If you love this genre of games, so you should buy this game once it’s available.


Zenith: The Last City – The Fracture Trailer | PS VR

Zenith is also based on some history, and somehow, it is similar to Wanderer, which we mentioned above. In this game, you are going to see great history and modern world transformation, which is pretty impressive.

In this game, you have to fight with enemies through a sword. So, likely, it is going to great experience for you as there are only shooting games available on PSVR. A great response was seen when its trailer was released.

Zenith vs. Wanderer: If we compare these two games, so Wanderer is more fascinating as compared to Zenith. But if we reach the graphics, so it will support Zenith. You may choose what you like the most.

The graphics of Zenith is outstanding: Sea, the whole city, buildings, castles, tombs, etc., are more attractive, but it will take a lot of your time as the game is massive.

This game is not suggested for children as it is mentioned in the game that it has violence; therefore, giving it to your child is not a good option. However, if people above 17 want to play this game, so they can play it without any restrictions.

If you love the historical genre and are excited to fight with the sword, so you should buy this game as it has all of these features.


Stride – Announcement Trailer | PS VR

Stride is among one of the best games of all time. If you love the most famous vector game and wanna see its combination with shooting games, so this game is made for you. For people, who like jumping over the buildings, also like this game a lot!

In this game, you have to fight with enemies to survive, but the plot twist is that, you also have to jump over buildings which are also called “Parkour.” This feature made it enjoyable. People are also excited to know that how to play station controllers can do such things.

As we mentioned earlier that it is said to be the best game on our list, so people also respond to its trailer a lot. The response is based on positive ratings, which indicated us that Stride would have a great future after launching.

Its graphics are not on an extreme level, but we can say that the graphics quality of the game justifies the complexity of the game. Overall, it has average graphics.

If you like the genre of this game which is shooting with some parkour, so you should go for this game. We also recommend you to try this game at least once!

Sniper Elite VR:

Sniper Elite VR – Official Release Date Trailer

As considering to the name of the game, you may realize that after a long silence, there will be the best VR sniper game. For those, who love playing shooting games on PSVR, must love this sniper game because it has a lot more exciting features, which you should look at in the trailer above.

However, the Sniper Elite VR is based on the same theory which we have been facing for many years. Nevertheless, it has a tremendous realistic effect along with some excellent sniper shots effect. In addition to it, it also has incredible features like peeking.

In this game, you have to fight with your enemy silently as there will be a whole army to defeat you. Hence, if you love this type of game, so you should read ahead.

If we talk about its graphics, so we believe that Sniper Elite VR will have the best graphics among all of the VR games mentioned here. 

After seeing it, everyone is confused about how to set up the controllers as there are too many things to do. Furthermore, if we talk about the response of the VR gamers, then overall, it is competitive to other VR shooting games.

The play station gave a disclaimer that children should not play this game as it has violence and gore. However, if you are above 17, so you can easily play this super-exciting game!

Final: Which PSVR game should you play?

Summarizing the above points, you can conclude that games are generally based on genre, and these genres can easily be tracked by playing them. So, make sure you know which one you like the most respected to the genre you play often. Later, when the game is available, do not take the time to check it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying PSVR 2022?

This time, buying PSVR in 2021 doesn’t sound good because we are moving towards 2022. Then, the game may not support the old PS5, or the PS5 may not support the older version of the game. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy PSVR now.

Is there a new PSVR coming out soon?

Yes, Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that there will be a new PSVR in 2022. Till then, you can play the PSVR 2021 games. Hopefully, we will get the game earlier than expected time.
Is Gorn on PSVR yet?

Is Gorn on PSVR yet?

Fortunately, the Gorn is still on PSVR, and you play it after buying it for $19.99, which is relatively low as compared to the premium effects of the game.

Is Pavolv on PS4 VR?

Fortunately, the shooting based game – Pavlov is now available on PS4 VR for just $24.99. You can still enjoy the game as it is available on PS4. You can easily buy it from the site.

Why is PS4 VR discontinued?

Just after spending one year on a PS machine, the hardware and software may need to be updated; therefore, the old PS4 is discontinued by the PS manufacture.

Can a PS4 VR work on PS5?

Yes, you can play the PS4 VR games on PS5 by just degrading the version (in more straightforward terms). You just have to set up PS5 console backward compatibility so that you can play PS4 VR games easily.

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