How to get steam keys for FREE?

You may know the time when we have to got CD shops to buy games CD and DVD, but, now, the time has been changed. Now, we need steam keys to download games on our computer. This seems to be more interesting when you want them for FREE. Indeed, there are some methods by which you can get free steam keys for free in 2022.

Every one is bored from usual games based on same principle; thus, if you are trying different games which might be interesting and play-worthy, so we highly recommend you to read ahead!

Get Steam Keys for FREE:

There are some certain ways by which you can get steam keys for totally free. These are not methods but some sites having gifts like them.

What are Steam Keys?

Every time we recall the word “Steam Keys”, we mean to few numbers randomly generated along with alphabets which worth a lot for gamers like you. Once, you get them from steam store, or from any other resources, you can easily enjoy your favorite games. One interesting or might be exciting thing for you is that there are some websites like blessing which gives you free steam keys known as Steam Giveaways. However, this feature is only available to members of the site, so you can easily be a member of it by signing up!

Top Steam Giveaway Websites:

As we mentioned earlier, there are some websites which allows to get FREE steam keys. But we have discussed more than it which will help you understanding about how steam keys work. Please note that, you have to follow these steps by your own risk!

1. FREESTEAMKEYS: is one of the most famous and well rated websites for providing free and working Steam Keys. Admin of this site updates this site regularly; hence, you are going to be updated. Some famous games like Soul Calibur, HellCat, and Dirty Bomb Booster can make you happy as they are featured in welcome page.

Another interesting thing is that because of tremendous number of active users, keys are getting expired less than a day, so it is requested to you to be active on the site as much as you can. This is the only way to grab keys first!

You can easily find this website by clicking the following link:


This is not a website, but it is a subreddit, which allows you to find active and working steam keys for free. You can use this subreddit to fill your steam keys Library. There are numerous active games which might be helpful for you. Interestingly, you can grab them for free of cost. What you need is just be active on the site, and whenever the keys will be posted, grab them at first!

There are some rules set by the admins and moderator on this subreddit. You have to follow them in order to be a permanent member of their Discord Server. Moreover, there are always daily giveaways posted by moderators; indeed, this is site is going to get you free Steam Keys.

You can easily find the subreddit by clicking the following link:


This is also not a website; however, it is subreddit with a massive number of active visitors. If you want daily free steam keys for modern and newly made games, so you should at least visit this subreddit once. We can say it a better website than above ones. One best thing about this reddit is that you can find nearly all games for every platform not only the Steam.

In Addition to it, you are just few clicks away from this awesome website. After that, you will have bundle of steam keys with a lot of pleasure too! You can also request your favorite game keys to be posted which is really unique because it is a free service.

You can easily find the subreddit by clicking the following link:


This is a website; however, this is an old website to, so it may be possible that the code you are going to get after solving some puzzles is likely two years old. But if you want codes for old games, then you can get free Steam codes from

You can easily visit the DLH website by clicking the following link:

5. GrabTheGames:

This is also a free giveaway website which gives you free discount voucher codes, games codes, bundles, giveaways, and more than it. One interesting thing of this website is that it also gives free steam codes for new games. 

You can easily visit the GrabTheGames website by clicking the following link:

6. GiveawayHopper:

It is another famous website for getting free Steam codes of your favorite games. You just have to complete some tasks in order to win any giveaway which is very easy to win. Moreover, it is just like

You can easily visit the GiveAwayHopper website by clicking the following link:

7. GoldenGiveaways:

GoldenGiveaways is the most famous website of its time. You can get free keys from this site. Furthermore, this site is not only limited to PC games, but there are also codes for cross platform. You just have to complete some small and easy tasks in order to complete any giveaway. This is how you can win free Steam Codes of your favorites games.

You can easily visit the Golden Giveaways website by clicking the following link:

Are these steam keys works always?

Following the way of truth, we have to say that there is not any guarantee of free steam keys. The reason is that once you are getting keys from a free site, so sometimes, the keys are expected to be fake or expired. However, its probability is very low. Moreover, if checking steam keys one by one is still manageable than buying it!

Where to get steam keys for FREE?

By going through following step, you can easily learn to get Free Steam Keys from Gleam Giveaways.

  1. Go to subreddit by searching Free games on Steam.
  2. Now, you have to choose any game which is not strikethrough. Remember: Choose the game which is still available or active.
  3. Follow the steps which are mentioned in Giveaway to avoid any error. You have to follow those steps in order to get free Steam Keys.
  4. Now, you have to copy the key. It will be visible in a green box. You can easily locate it from the header of giveaway.
  5. Finally, you can redeem the key in steam, and you can also give it your friend!

This is the best and fastest method to get steam keys for free; moreover, steam keys from is the most prominent keys as compare to all free steam keys websites. You just need to be active, follow the rules, and do actions!

Why do these websites giveaway free steam key?

As we mentioned earlier, these giveaways are very easy to win, and some clicks may help you getting a premium game free for lifetime. Some of them require to subscribe the author or designer channel or page or maybe like it. However, getting free Steam keys through just few clicks worth a lot!

Tricky and Dirty?

Calling them a dirty game does not justify it because you are gonna get free Steam Keys, so you can bear this. Sometimes, you have to win some games in order to grab giveaways which seems to be easy, but it is not in actual. These games are harder, and winning it is nearly impossible. You can say that the probability is 1/10 which is unfair. Nevertheless, it can’t be considered a dirty and time-wasting game that you play for free Steam keys, but a trick is definitely played on you!

Competitional Games:

For winning giveaways, it can also be an option to play competitional games like spin the table, or maybe, the website asks other ways to win Steam Keys; sadly, most of them can’t be successful on this game. Nevertheless, you should not give up, and constantly try to get as many Steam keys as you can!

When you win any spin game, it is guaranteed that you are going to have non-used working Steam Key; thus, spending your time on the game will worth a lot. On the other hand, you can easily see how designer and author tricks you.

Speed Test organized by GOG:

Basically, GOG organizes a speed test for all users active for the giveaways. This speed test is average download speed test. The intention of GOG is to just test the download speed; however, in the end, you will have free Steam Keys which sounds really impressive!

GOG is just like steam which gives you number of video games; however, this is not much famous like the Steam app. You can also be requested to download it in order to complete the giveaway, and win the free Steam Keys. Sometimes, this can also be frustrated for some users.

Golden Joysticks:

It is not completely free, but it’s a rewarded game from CVG in the ceremony of Golden Joysticks. In this game, steam keys can be obtained by the participants. Mainly, this Golden Joysticks is sponsored by Green Man Gaming. 

What participant have to do is just voting. Yes! Simple clicking may help you winning free Steam keys of your favorite game. All participants are required to vote for the different games of different categories. One bad thing is that, it happened only once in a year. So, we highly recommend you to be prepared and do not lose this over-whelming chance to win free Steam Keys.


You might have gone through this signup situation while downloading any premium media for free; indeed, some website allows other website sign up box in their own websites, or you can call it referral; therefore, it will help them getting subscribers/followers which is totally fair because you are going to have free Steam Keys. Hence, you can not consider this method totally free, but it is easy as pie as compare to the other websites.

If there is an option of signup on your giveaway, then it is requested to you to follow signup process because it will not save a lot of your time but also help you getting free Steam Keys.

Palm Greasing Offer:

Sometimes, you may see this option while applying for giveaways. Some websites or vendors/companies offer free sample for their first product; indeed, we have much eager for such kinda products. By this, the product gets fame and it help the vendor to sale products in handsome amount. 

Same theory is applied for the artificial world, most of the game and software developers catches the markets’ attention by giving free trials or free access to the favorite software 30 or 70 days. Then, when a user is addicted to that particular to that particular game, then the developer makes it premium. So, this is how they made money, or you can say handsome amount of money.

So, you can be offered to install or use such kind of app or games which is really cool. Because, you should try new things, and this thing will also help you get free Steam keys of your favorite game.

Social activity Bribery:

One other method by which developers make money is Social Activity bribery. When, you apply for any giveaway, it will not only tell you to share any post to social network, or you can also be requested to like or subscribe the page in order to complete the giveaway.

This social signal will help them getting free promotion, so it is also not going to be free; however, you can do this for free Steam Keys.

This is also the easiest way to win any giveaway is this method, so you should go for this option if the website is allowing you.

Reviews Strength:

Indeed, website needs reviews for building up an intended audience. For this purpose, they hire developers to gather people to write reviews for their product. This is a paid work. If you are a developer, then you must aware of this technique to gain reviews.

Once, you applied for any giveaway, you will see some options to complete the giveaway. If this option is available, then you have to write a review for their product/app. 

Hence, it is also not going to be a free method. However, writing few lines about a product is manageable if it comes to getting free Steam keys of your favorite game.

Digital Currency:

If you are that much unlucky that you can’t get any of the above methods, then, you can easily earn the digital currency called Tremor coins by which you can buy steam Keys and enjoy your favorite games.

By watching videos, ads, registering on websites, filling different surveys, playing games, can make Tremor for you. This will not only help you having some fun but also help you earning this money and getting Steam keys ultimately.

So, if you are on a giveaway like this, so you can easily complete this giveaway by earning some coins only. Remember, if any of the option is not left, then try this.


You may have that question why the digital currency method is different from all of the method mentioned above. There is a huge difference between both of the mentioned ways to get free Steam keys. 

There is a common vast difference between the above mentioned and Digital Currency method which is described below.

The difference is that it is totally based on luck that what option you have in order complete the giveaway. Once, you complete the giveaway, then, it will automatically lead you to the Steam Codes.

The Great Trade of Games:

After reading the title, maybe, you think that it is about buying games, and then selling it which is totally illegal. But this is not what we are promoting. Later, you will understand the meaning of title.

Sometimes, you might be bored playing any game. Then, that game worth nothing for you. Therefore, in this case, you can share the game with other. Some famous platforms like Steam promotes it too. Adding this feature is really helpful for those who wants this type of legal trade.

Steam has made different subreddits and subdomains for this type of trade which is called Steam Trades. You may trade your boring game, and then you can request your desired game for return. This seems to be interesting; thus, you should try this at least once.

Ask me Anything platform:

As we told you earlier, there are number of platforms which help you getting free Steam Keys by just few clicks. Ask me Anything (AMA) is among one of them. It is basically a forum, or you can say it a giveaway website which works with GOG and Desura. They seek people’s attention towards their question. Once you answer them, they will send you steam Keys for totally free.

We can nearly say this method free as they are not requesting time-consuming work. Moreover, you can easily get free Steam codes by this method which is working at all time.

Ninja Turtle:

It is an intelligent website which gives free steam keys for various conditions. As you know, there are a lot of websites which upload such kind of steam codes, and we also provided their links above in the article.

Those people who gets the code first can use it or share it manually; otherwise, other users can manipulate it and create puzzles which is really hard to solve and time consuming too. So, you can request to the one who gets it first.

This helps Bots and scripts to grab them at once just after it uploaded which ultimately expire them. Therefore, in order to solve this issue, this Ninja Turtle does something great. The one who owns the code will contact the person who needs it and send them privately. This will help the site to be safe from bots, and you can easily enjoy your free Steam codes.


We may hope that this article helped you finding a working way to get real and free Steam Keys. Getting free steam keys has the happiness when you buy DVD of games in your childhood time. These keys will let you help playing paid games for free which is impressive and interesting for you. We will try to update this article whenever we find any better service for providing steam keys. If any of the provided subreddit or link does not work, so you can try the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Steam keys for free?

There are a lot of Online resources which gives you access to free Steam Keys; however, these keys are expired very early. is one of the most famous and working site for grabbing free steam keys.

Is buying Steam keys legal?

In Steam, there is nothing much illegal or legal about selling/buying steam keys online. If the keys are bought from official store, so it is probably considered legal.

How do you get a Steam key for a game you already own?

The process of getting steam key for a game which you already own is very easy. You first have to go to your Steam Library, then, choose the game from the list. Select the cogwheel icon on the right side. Choose Manage, and then click CD keys.

Do Steam keys expire?

Yes, those steam keys, which are officially bought from Steam, will not be expired ever; however, there are some third-party resources keys which will be expired whether after a certain amount of time or certain number of users.