Google Pixel 2 price drops to all time low of $183

The Google Pixel 2 is a high-end smartphone that was released in October of 2017. It features a 5-inch OLED display with a resolution of 1080×1920, and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

The Pixel 2 also has 4GB of RAM, and comes with either 64GB or 128GB of internal storage. It has a 12.2-megapixel rear camera, and an 8-megapixel front camera.

The Pixel 2 runs on Google’s Android 8.0 Oreo operating system, and is available in three colors: Just Black, Clearly White, and Kinda Blue. It was succeeded by the Google Pixel 3 in October of 2018.

However, the Pixel 2 can also be quite expensive, with a retail price of $649. But now, thanks to a recent price drop, you can snag a Pixel 2 for just $183. That’s an incredible price for a phone that’s just a few years old.

Of course, there are some catches. The phone is only available unlocked, so you’ll need to use it with a compatible carrier. And it’s also important to note that the $183 price is only available for the 64GB model; the 128GB model is still selling for $649.

But if you’re looking for a great deal on a top-tier smartphone, the Google Pixel 2 is definitely worth checking out.

What is the lifespan of a Google Pixel?

With proper care, the average lifespan of a Google Pixel 2 is about four years. However, there are several factors that can shorten the lifespan of a smartphone, such as excessive use, exposure to extreme temperatures, and water damage.

Furthermore, the battery life of a smartphone diminishes over time, eventually requiring replacement. With all these factors taken into account, four years is still a pretty good lifespan for a smartphone.

How long will Pixel 2 be supported?

Pixel 2 was released in October of 2017, and it is currently running the Android 9 Pie operating system. Google has typically offered major software updates for its devices for at least two years, so it’s safe to say that the Pixel 2 will continue to be supported until at least 2019.

In addition, Google often provides security updates for its devices for several years after they are released. So even though the Pixel 2 might not receive any more major OS updates, it will still be protected against security threats.

For those who want the latest and greatest features, the Pixel 2 might not be the best choice at this point. But for those who value security and a long lifespan, the Pixel 2 is still a great option.

What is the last update for Pixel 2?

The last update for the Pixel 2 was released on October 31, 2019 and included security updates and bug fixes. The update also added support for Android Auto. Prior to that, the last major update for the Pixel 2 was the Android Pie update, which was released in August 2018.

The Android Pie update brought a number of new features to the Pixel 2, including a redesigned user interface, gesture navigation, and improved battery life. It also introduced support for Google’s ARCore augmented reality platform. The Pixel 2 is currently running the latest version of Android, 10.0 Q.

Can you replace the battery in a Google pixel 2?

The Google pixel 2 is a great phone, but like all phones, the battery will eventually need to be replaced. While some phone manufacturers make it difficult to replace the battery, Google has made it relatively easy to do on the pixel 2. With a few simple tools, you can replace the battery in just a few minutes.

You’ll need to remove the back cover of the phone. There are typically several small screws that need to be removed before the back cover can be pried off. Once the back cover is off, you should see the battery.

There are usually two small connectors that need to be disconnected before the battery can be removed.

Once the old battery is out, simply insert the new one and reconnect the connectors. Then, screw the back cover back on and voila! You’ve successfully replaced the battery in your Google pixel 2.

Is Google Pixel 2 still worth it?

Many praised the phone’s camera, which was seen as a step up from its predecessor. The Pixel 2 also received praise for its sleek design and powerful processor. However, some users were disappointed by the lack of features, such as a headphone jack and water resistance.

Despite these shortcomings, the Pixel 2 remained a popular option. Fast forward to 2020, and the Pixel 2 is still a great choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable smartphone.

While it may lack some of the bells and whistles of newer models, the Pixel 2 is still a solid option that is sure to meet the needs of most users.

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