GPU Overheating signs: How to stay in safe temperature range?

If your games’ graphics are loading after an eternity, or your fans are too noisy, then it can be a problem with your graphics card. Therefore, a gamer must know these GPU overhearing signs and how to stay in a safe temperature range while playing games like GTAV. In this article, we will briefly talk about them!

Intense gaming is totally all about fun, but this is not the case with your hardware. They have to work the entire time with their full power. Of course, you are thinking about bad battery life, but there is something more! Bottleneck gaming can overheat your GPU which causes inefficient performance of your pc or laptop.

However, you can also stay at a safe temperature with some tips that are mentioned in this article. But, before that, you must know the following signs which indicate that your GPU is not having a good time and it is getting hot.

GPU overheating signs:

GPU is more like the first love of gamers and miners. However, if it is not working properly, then nothing hurts more than it. Look at these signs below:

Graphics Glitches:

If you face lag during your gameplay or while landing in Pochinki in PUBGM, then it can be an issue indicating GPU hotness. It also may be possible that your GPU is not capable enough to bear that load. However, if this is not the case, then this is mostly related to other things that impact GPU performance.

For example, you can’t use RTX 3090 with core i3 2nd generation. If you somehow did this, then the performance will be worst. This simply means graphics glitches do not always mean to bad GPU or hot GPU. Sometimes, it can be a case with a CPU or a bad hard drive.

Also, if you use HDD for gaming, then you may face hotness all over your laptop back. It is because HDD is not generally optimized for next-level gaming.

Noisy Fan:

You may already know that when a CPU gets too hot. The motherboard tries to cool it down by changing the fan speed. However, if you are playing games on a laptop, then this feature can do badly with your laptop battery.

Anyways, whenever your GPU gets too hot. The temperature optimization feature automatically tries to get it as low as possible. Obviously, they do it using fans, and that’s how you hear noisy fans while playing games like Assassin’s Creed.

You can also change these settings using software or directly jumping into the boot menu. However, if you are a non-tech guy, then we do not recommend doing it. All in all, at any time, if your GPU fans stop working, it can be the last day of your GPU!

Reboot issue:

There is a feature in the motherboard called “Thermal Throttling”. If you don’t know about this, then don’t worry.

Whenever any part of the motherboard gets too hot and crosses the optimum temperature, then this feature will shut down the pc regardless of the important work that you were doing on your laptop or pc. You may think that this is probably a bad feature. However, you can’t imagine how many times this feature saves your pc/laptop from dying as intense gaming can fry the whole motherboard too!

Similarly, in the case of GPU, if your laptop is rebooting while playing games that require high graphics, then most probably, it is an issue related to GPU temperature. You should solve it as fast as possible because it can also eat all of your battery.

Bad overall performance:

Different components in computers are like family. If one is getting a tough time, for example, graphics card while playing something like CyberPunk 2077, then it affects overall performance. Whether there is an issue with your drive or CPU or GPU, the whole system performance can get affected which results in lag and also high pings sometimes.

Similarly, if you are facing bad performance on your laptop along with those other issues. Then, it means that the issue is with GPU temperature and you need to cool it down before it gets too fiery!

However, make sure that the actual issue is with GPU because it can be any other component that can create this issue: HDD, old RAMs, dust, no thermal paste, etc.

Errors while Gaming:

Nowadays, game developers are adding this feature which will save your GPU from dying early. So, what is that feature?

Whenever your GPU hits its optimum limit, then the games will automatically close with some error. Remarkably, this is not the case all of the time. But, if this also happens in addition to other issues mentioned above, then there is a higher probability that the issue is with GPU. Also, you can check error codes on Google as the games’ site describe every error code briefly.

If this is the issue with your laptop, then you should consider changing your GPU, or applying those tips which we mentioned below.

Reasons that cause GPU overheating:

Till now, we have talked about GPU overheating signs. Now, let’s talk about some reasons that cause GPU overheating.

Old GPU:

Yes! Having an Old or Outdated GPU can be a reason for overheating. Can you imagine playing League of Legends on any Intel UHD graphics card? No?

Therefore, having an upgraded GPU is very important. New GPUs are made considering new games and market demand which lacks in old GPU. That’s why an old GPU can be a reason for overheating GPU.

Furthermore, it can be possible that your GPU driver is not updated. That’s why we highly recommend updating it from settings. It is easy and it also does not require any money. You can also download drivers from GPU websites.


Many people do not believe it, but dust can be an issue to your GPU. What if there’s a thick dust layer between your GPU and fans. That’s why we said it!

Well, this issue is not that traumatic. If your GPU is getting hot and it has dust. Then, the first thing you should do is clean that dust. It may solve the overheating issue to some extent.

Please make sure that you clean dust properly without letting dust enter other components. Also, make sure that you use Isopropyl Alcohol to use clean it.

Overloading GPU:

As we mentioned above that you can’t play next-level games on a GPU like Intel UHD graphics. Then, it will definitely get hot.

Graphics cards help games’ graphics to load faster. If you overload your GPU, then it may be possible that it gets too hot and cause auto shutdown which is a common sign of bad GPU. What do we mean by overload?

Playing games and mining at the same time can be called overloading GPU. Do not do this at any cost! It can damage your whole motherboard.

In addition to it, apps in the background can also eat GPU, so make sure to check them from Windows Task Manager. You can also disable them if that app is useless like some Microsoft apps.

Power issue:

It can also be a power issue. For example, if your GPU requires 350W TDP, then providing less power will automatically affect the GPU performance.

What happens when you do not give enough power to your GPU?

If you low the power supply amount, then your Nvidia GPU can also work like an Intel processor. And the overheating game begins!! Because you play games like GTAV, it will overload your GPU. It simply led to overheating issue that can be problematic and affects overall performance.

Therefore, one should never compromise with the GPU power supply. You should give accurate power as per GPU recommendations.

Cooling issue:

We have talked about fans dust, but the main thing is the fan itself. Buying a good fan for your GPU is problematic too! If you did not choose it wisely, then it can be a reason for which you are facing GPU heat.

Fans are used to cool down CPU and GPU. As intense gaming produces lots of heat which is bad for GPU and whole motherboard too, then fans are responsible to let the heat out of your pc/laptop.

Also, if there is not good airflow, then it can also cause a hot air loop which will make the whole CPU hot and fiery. It will result in bad performance and GPU overheating.

Thermal paste:

Thermal Paste is a liquid between the heat sink and CPU or GPU, it helps CPU and GPU to be cool down way better than no thermal paste.

Many people ignore thermal paste; however, it is the most vital thing when it comes to cooling down a GPU. Applying a good quality thermal paste can low down GPU temperature.

What if your GPU already has thermal paste? Does thermal paste expire?

If there has been a long time since you applied thermal paste, then you should definitely change the thermal paste after cleaning the existing paste with Isopropyl Alcohol.

How to stay in a safe temperature range? [Tips]

Now, it’s time to talk about some tips that can help you stay in a safe temperature range which also extends the life span of your GPU.

Apply Thermal Paste:

Thermal paste can play a big role in cooling down a GPU. Whether you have applied thermal paste before or not, changing it constantly provides better GPU performance and also solves GPU overheating problems.

Make sure to apply thermal properly with correct precautions and safety tips.

Improve Air-flow:

Air-flow is another important thing that you should improve in order to get better performance of your GPU. You can improve Air-flow by placing fans in the correct directions.

Sometimes, placing fans in the wrong direction also causes the overheating issue. However, when you made a good airflow between your fan and GPU, then you can easily feel the low temperature of your GPU.

Clean dust:

Cleaning dust is another important thing to do regardless you are having overheating issues or not! Also, by cleaning dust, we do not only mean clean motherboard, but you should also clean fans and wires. While cleaning dust, use Isopropyl Alcohol solution, so it won’t affect other components.

Also, make sure that you use a light hand while cleaning dust from sensitive parts like the CPU socket.

Update drivers:

Updating drivers is vital nowadays. If you are using an old driver for the latest GPU, then buying the latest GPU does not worth it. You can easily download drivers from the Nvidia website, or you can also manually update from the windows setting. All in all, drivers update can solve your problem.

Add more fans:

If one fan is not enough to cool down the GPU, then you can also increase the number of fans which will cool down the GPU faster than a smaller number of fans.

However, make sure to buy fans from authentic brands. You can also check some top fans under $50 only.

Supply recommended power:

Each graphics card needs some amount of power. Providing recommended power can also solve the overloading issue – ultimately – overheating issue. Of course, no one can learn which graphics card need what amount of power, so you can check it from the Nvidia website!

Don’t overload:

If you are a gamer and deal with different games on daily basis, then make sure that you only play those games which are recommended on the current GPU. Going above is not considered good for GPU health. You should also disable apps that take more GPU. You can do it from Windows Task Manager.

Check cables and hardware:

Sometimes, the problem can be with cables or the hardware itself. For example, if you are using low-quality cables, then it also affects the performance and also produces electromagnetic interference which can cause lag or freeze. Therefore, choose quality cables.

Upgrade to a new one:

When you have applied all of the above tips, and nothing works, then we highly recommend you to upgrade to a new GPU. You just have to check compatibility with your processor, and you can easily go for the new GPU. However, make sure to buy the version of GPU.

Final Words:

We may hope that this article helps you to figure out GPU overheating signs. If your GPU is about to die, then the final solution is replacement; however, if there are only a few issues, then try to cool down with the tips that we mentioned above. Also, let us know in the comments about the GPU that you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my GPU is overheating?

GPU overheating is a common issue in gaming laptops and computers; however, finding that issue can be traumatic. Here are some signs that indicate that your GPU is overheating: Noisy Fans, Bad Performance, Graphics Glitches, Errors while Gaming, and Reboot issues. If you are facing all these issues, then it nearly means that there is something wrong with your GPU.

What happens when GPU overheats?

As we mentioned above GPU heating is a common and ignored issue by gamers. However, this can damage other components on the motherboard. And, we know that you do not wanna damage your i9 11th generation processor. Therefore, if you find any issue with your GPU, then first try to solve it; otherwise, replace that GPU.

What is a good temp for GPU?

According to a tech blog, the best temperature for GPU is between 65 to 85 degrees Celsius that is around 149 to 185 Fahrenheit. However, this range may vary as per GPU model and brand. For example, AMD can go safely to 110 degrees Celsius. That’s why you have to be careful every time.

Will my PC shut down if GPU overheats?

Yes! Your PC can shut down itself if GPU overheats. In addition to GPU, the case is the same for CPU. If the CPU gets too hot and reaches optimum, then there’s a smart feature in the motherboard that automatically shut down the CPU, and in this case GPU too. However, this can also mean that this was the last time you see shutting down your laptop as a hot GPU fried the motherboard.

Why is GPU running hot?

As we mentioned in this article that intense gaming can make your GPU fiery, the main reason can be that. However, there are many more reasons for a hot GPU. For example, if you do not clean your GPU, then it could be a reason for a fiery GPU. Similarly, there are many more reasons!