What Mouse DPI should I use for gaming?

Playing games has become a profession due to the significant increase of streamers every day, and if you are among them and especially love shooting games, the main question you’re thinking is what DPI should I use for gaming.

There are many gaming mouse having different DPIs varying from the vast range.

In this article, we will talk about the DPI influence on gaming, what isxz DPI, what DPI mouse is best for which category of gaming, and a lot more!

What Mouse DPI should I use for gaming

What DPI should I use for gaming?

As we discussed earlier, there are some specific ranges for different kinds of gaming, or, in easier words, every game doesn’t need to support the best performance in a constant DPI.

DPI ranges for different games

The following are DPI ranges that you should use while gaming:

Best DPI for MMOs and RPGs games:

If you want to know the best DPU for MMOs and RPGs games, you should know that these games require a good DPI than the typical cheap gaming mouse DPI that is around 1000 DPI to 1600DPI. 

Best DPI for FPS and other Shooter games:

Generally, gamers think that FPS and shooting games need more DPI; however, the truth is on the other side. Likely, you just need to have 400 DPI to 1000 DPI mouse for FPS and shooting games.

Best DPI for Moba games:

Indeed, Moba games are among the top games nowadays. When it comes to DPI, you must have a 400 DPI to 800 Dpi mouse for best performance. You can avail the best version having this DPI mouse.

Best DPI for Real-time strategy games:

Unlikely to above games, it requires more DPI than the average of the above. Real-time strategy games require at least 1000 DPI and at most 1200 DPI.

DPI: Everything you need to know

It may be possible that you are looking for a gaming mouse that satisfies your games’ supported DPI. Therefore, we came up with some exciting knowledge about DPI which will help you while buying any gaming mouse:

What is DPI?

The considerable rise in the gaming community shows that gaming products will have a great future; nevertheless, not knowing the product details may put you in trouble. 

Similarly, you should know about gaming mouse DPU, so whenever you go for buying any gaming mouse, then you would have known that!

DPI or CPI is all about the measurement in pixels on the display when a mouse moves one inch. Thus, we also call it DPI (Dots per inch) or CPI (Counts per inch). 

One interesting thing to ponder is that high DPI does not seem feasible for regular use. High DPI can only be accepted with gaming. 

Usually, newbie gamers do not find it vital to buy a suitable DPI gaming mouse. Later, it affects their gaming performance.

Every dot on the surface actually corresponds to one pixel on the screen. Let’s have an example so that you will get it:

Suppose you have a game having 1080p resolution, and your mouse DPI is 1000 DPI. Then, if you move your mouse one inch, your cursor will translate about 1000 pixels.

However, if you have 2000 DPI, then your cursor will move to the top, only translating one-half inch.

What is the highest DPI of a gaming mouse?

Although many brands provide many mice, fewer brands provide 16000 DPI, which is the maximum DPI. The top gaming goods leading brand, Razer, also follows this mouse.

You can also calculate the sensitivity of this mouse. It also requires a lot of practice to be used to. 

What is the lowest DPI of a gaming mouse?

Almost every gamer uses an average of 400 DPI mice. But, the lowest DPI of a gaming mouse is 100 DPI. It does not sound great for Real-time strategy games.

Mouse having 100 DPI is only suitable for daily use. At the same time, the new games require at least 400 DPI.

Which one is the best: low DPI gaming mouse or High DPI gaming mouse?

The main idea is that when you play a game with a high DPI mouse, moving a little can cause your cursor to move from one corner to another, which is very fast. Similarly, if you play a game with a low DPI mouse, so a lot of effort and time will be required just to move your cursor.

A high DPI gaming mouse is gonna affect your accuracy while shooting, and it will move the screen faster in FPS games which is not suitable for FPS games. 

On the contrary, a low DPI gaming mouse will take time to move. However, it takes less than a second, but every millisecond matters in gaming. Therefore, it can also affect FPS games.

From the above example, we can conclude that too much high DPI does not affect your gaming performance firmly, and too low DPI does not act it in an exemplary manner too!

So, What’s next? Using an average DPI mouse is a good thing because it can also be optimized as a daily mouse and gaming mouse.

How does a DPI affect your gaming skills?

We have talked about different kinds of games that support different DPI ranges.

Thus, if you are using a suitable and recommended DPI gaming mouse, then, likely, you’re gonna have a good experience.

In online gaming, 1ms can change the result of games, and having a low DPI mouse can lead to this serious issue for gamers. 

In more straightforward terms, a low DPI mouse is not suitable for Real-time games. However, some games require low DPI, like FPS games.

That’s how low and high DPI ranges can affect your gaming skills. 

We recommend newbie gamers use a 400 DPI gaming mouse which is neither too high nor too low. 400 DPI gaming mouse can be an excellent start to the gaming field.

One thing to ponder about DPI before buying any gaming mouse

You reached here for some guidance regarding which DPI should you use for gaming. This means that you’re planning to upgrade your gaming mouse.

After considering the situation, we have one thing that you should ponder before buying any gaming is its DPI support.

Every gaming mouse comes with product specifications having DPI information. Firstly, list your games’ DPI ranges. Secondly, calculate their average. 

Finally, buy a gaming mouse following the calculated average, so you may not find yourself in trouble in future!


Summarizing up the above points, you can conclude that it depends upon the game genre. For example, for FPS and shooting games, you will only require 400 minimum DPI, whereas, for Real-time Strategy games, you will need a minimum of 1000 DPI for best performance.

It is also seen that a cheap mouse can also fulfill your minimum gaming experience, whereas the limit of DPI is 16000 till now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What mouse DPI should I use for FPS gaming?

Usually, for FPS and shooting games, it is recommended that you should use at least 400 DPI mouse and at most 1000 DPI mouse. Moreover, cheap gaming mice at least have these DPIs, and professionals already use the 400 DPI

Is higher DPI mouse better for FPS?

Some people think that a higher DPI mouse is better for FPS; whereas, you can also get maximum performance having an average DPI mouse. Overall, we can conclude that an average DPI gaming mouse is a sensible option of around 400 DPI.

Should I use 800 DPI or 400 DPI?

For having a standard gaming experience, you should use a 400 DPI mouse; however, as discussed in the article, it totally depends upon the game you are playing. For Example, Moba games require a maximum of 800 DPI.

How many DPI is good for gaming mouse?

Absolutely, it’s not constant. But, usually, people like to have a minimum of 400 DPI. For every modern game, you need to have a good quality gaming mouse with having high DPI.

Is 16000 DPI is suitable for gaming mouse?

Having a 16000 DPI gaming mouse does not only sound incredible but also gives excellent effects; however, extra sensitivity may affect precision while aiming enemies, which is not fair in this case. Some people also want high DPI because it gives extra smoothness.

Why do professional use 400 DPI?

Yes! Professional use 400 DPI gaming mouse. There are some reasons that you should know. Firstly, it provides them accuracy while gaming, and secondly, it gives excellent gaming performance. Moreover, it is also the standard DPI count.